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The stunning way to create your best dashboard ever!

With a blend of Montessori and agility for successful data projects

by Captain Dash


Hours for essential KPIs

Hours for scenario

Days to reinvent your reporting

It’s time to bring your data to the next level of reporting

What is datamarathon ?

A simple, agile and efficient way to get your dashboard, with the KPIs that matter, your datastory and structure.

The opportunity to be the architect of this dashboard, through design thinking and serious games.

Your dashboard operationnal in 3 days and on track to drive your business with a reinvented reporting and beautiful dataviz.


Our process is fast

and responds to your needs.

It is built to help you find rapidly your essential KPIs and implement them in an exceptional mobile dashboard that reinvents your reporting.


Our method is relevant

and addresses your challenges.

It helps you focus on what is important in your business, te ease decision making and success.


Our help is efficient

and focuses on successful actions.

It brings you to the next level of data management, the one that generates success from each action inspired from your dashboard.

With Captain Dash, we have a perfect vision of where our company is but also where we do have to act. It helps us in decision-making and action.

Agata Pudelek, Deputy CEO - Pierre Hermé Paris

For a stunning app in 3 days: DataMarathon, a powerful approach that unites and boosts various teams on a topic as important as dashboards.

Laurene Kiene, Data Digital Manager - BNP Paribas

Building a dashboard has never been so easy.

I want my DATAMARATHON now!

Beyond DATAMARATHON and dashboards:

Captain Dash can help you and your data!


Being a data specialist is not enough to help organisations and companies to get the best from the data they daily collect from all the interactions with their customers and their actions.

It needs more than a simple collect and analysis!

Its needs simplicity, rationnality and ambition.


Captain Dash can help you in your need to reach a better understanding of your data mountain.

From consultancy to operationnal solutions, we can help you in any steps of your path to data efficiency.

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